Aqua Tropical Fish Store is committed to supplying aquatic life that has been raised in either an aquaculture setting or through ethical harvesting practices, with an emphasis on both animal welfare and environmental conservation.

Aqua Tropical Fish Store is your one-stop shop for all things aquatic. The best marine life and aquarium supplies are now conveniently located in one place. Tropical Live Fish Store is your best bet for acquiring freshwater and marine fish, in addition to top-notch aquarium supplies. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure that your order is handled with care and delivered to your home in one piece.

Signature® Shipping of Aquatic Life

We have developed the safest and most convenient shipping system in the business because the health of the aquatic life we sell is always our first priority. When handling any form of aquatic organism, the highest possible level of care and best procedures are applied. Each species is carefully inspected by our professional aquatics staff before being selected and sent to your tank.

Custom Packing of Aquatic Life

We will submerge your chosen animals in clean, freshwater or saltwater with the appropriate pH and specific gravity, then seal them in multiple poly bags with thick liners to prevent any leaks during transit. After being filled with pure oxygen, the bags are sealed with a one-of-a-kind metal clasp to ensure that nothing may leak in or out.

Shipping of Aquatic Life

After your order is prepared, it will be transported in insulated coolers (warmers and ice packs are provided at no extra cost if necessary) to maintain a constant temperature. The cooler is then placed in a corrugated cardboard box with a label indicating that it contains “live items,” and shipped via next-day air to your front door.

Detailed Acclimation Guide

Learn how to properly introduce new aquatic life to their environment with the help of our detailed online acclimation instructions.

Arrive Alive, Stay Alive®, Risk-Free Guarantees

At Aqua Tropical Fish Store, you won’t just find fish for the aquarium, but a wide variety of marine life. You’ll discover many fresh, frozen, and ready-to-eat foods that are difficult to find in other regions, so shopping here will increase the nutritional range and quality of your diet.

Premium Selection of Fish Foods and Aquarium Supplies

At Pacific Fish Depot, we provide a vast selection of marine life for sale, not simply fish for aquariums. You may boost the nutritional diversity and quality of your diet by shopping here, where you’ll find a large selection of fresh, frozen, and ready-to-eat goods that are otherwise hard to locate.

Detailed Aquarium Product Descriptions

Each aquarium supply page features a comprehensive description packed with information to help you find exactly what you need and make an educated purchase.

Easy Aquarium Supplies Return

At Pacific fish depot, we are committed to providing you with a pleasant shopping experience. If you receive a damaged or defective item, please contact our Customer Care Team within 30 days of purchase.

Mission Statement

  • Maintain a website where hobbyists can go to purchase anything and everything they need to build, create, and maintain a successful aquarium.
  • Offer top-quality products and livestock for sale at competitive prices.
  • Only sell net-caught fish, corals, and invertebrates that are well acclimated to aquarium life, eating well, and healthy.
  • Recommend products that we have used personally and know are of top quality.
  • Use high-quality photographs to give our customers an up-close view of what they are buying.
  • Share our knowledge to help our customers make educated purchasing decisions.
  • Educate our customers about the importance of strong filtration, changing water currents, adequate lighting, stable water chemistry, and stable temperature in creating a balanced aquarium habitat.
  • Support aquaculture facilities and captive breeding programs.
  • Pay our bills doing what we love to do.